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Morayvia's Science and Technology Experience Project (STEP) is a project to bring together a number of disciplines from aerospace and astronomy to technology and arts-related activities into a single centre of excellence in Moray, but serving the northeast of Scotland, the Highlands and beyond.

Morayvia (Registered Charity SC042895)

2017 Winter Engineering Updates

The Morayvia engineering team has been hard at work in the months since our 2017 season ended. Here is a brief overview of what they’ve been up to.

The Antonov has been moved closer to HQ to protect it from potential damage that could be caused by falling branches. It will be relocated to a new visitor location for 2018.

Excellent progress has been made on our SAR coloured Wessex (XR528). All four main rotor blades have been refurbished and refitted as have the Tail rotor blades. In addition, Bob Pountney worked tirelessly in renovating the main cockpit Instrument panel, sourcing all the gauges need. This has now been refitted and looks fantastic. In addition, the team have been able to get power back onto the aircraft with success. The heavies (Chris & Graeme) replaced the two cracked windscreens making it watertight. With just a few smaller jobs left she will be ready for the public when we open at Easter.

The Herald fuselage is also undergoing refurbishment, Nat and Al are well ahead with jobs. This includes fixing a cracked cabin window, refurbishing internal lighting and giving all the furniture a good clean.

Our Nimrod fuselage (XV240) required the removal of its wooden rear bulkhead which had become rotten due to the ravages of the Moray weather. Sloot McEntee has now replaced it with a bespoke metal replacement, in addition, Sloot has been refurbishing the internal trim, which now looks very nice.

The Hunter has also had some work carried out left over from 2017, in addition, it required a repainting due to scratches incurred due to its popularity. Graeme Farris has also refurbished the canopy to remove some scratches, which now makes it look even more really realistic. With work now complete she will be reinstalled into her display position.

Money in the coffers (or should that be cockpit?)

Our Vampire has also had some well-deserved attention, the right-hand Ejection seat raising mechanism had failed during 2017, this required removal of the seat to fix it, but this also meant that the Canopy needed to be removed to get at the seat. So with the canopy off, both seats were removed for our Armourer team to carry out some inspection and maintenance, which is now complete. Those eagle-eyed visitors may have noted a couple of the main Instrument panel gauges were incorrect, this has also been resolved. Finally, with both seats out the cockpit has had a clean out, so far we have recovered £1.70p and several other items dropped inside the cockpit. The Vampire will also be ready for opening.

Talking of the Armourers, two fully refurbished Ejection Seats will go on display in 2018, one from a Tornado and another from a Buccaneer.

2018 will see the return for full display our Jet Provost. Al Mackie is finishing off getting some cockpit lights working again and John Liddle is fabricating new access steps. In addition, it has been returned to a road going trailer allowing it to become a travelling exhibit once again.

Canberra WJ721 has had its roof repainted and rear wooden cover removed. The wooden cover had become rotten and will be replaced by Perspex panels allowing visitors to see inside the rear compartments. The entrance door has also been refurbished and refitted by Graeme Farris to be a fully functioning exhibit. It even locks properly now. Our armourers have been working on the pilot’s ejection seat (with some success). This is to try and get its raising and lowering mechanism working again if successful this will be a great visitor addition.

So all in all 2017 Winter close period has been a busy one with lots of work going on to get ready for the 2018 season. Many thanks to the team for all their time and efforts in getting things ready.

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