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Morayvia's Science and Technology Experience Project (STEP) is a project to bring together a number of disciplines from aerospace and astronomy to technology and arts-related activities into a single centre of excellence in Moray, but serving the northeast of Scotland, the Highlands and beyond.

Morayvia (Registered Charity SC042895)

Morayvia Expands – the future is bright

Morayvia expands, as it extends its collection and exhibit area.  The North side of the building is being prepared with additional exhibits including an expanded aero-engine section, which will open to the public in the next few months.

Morayvia Expands – The Future

Morayvia Expands - Outside of Morayvia

Our site in Kinloss has enormous potential. Whilst we do have a number of long term plans for the continued expansion and improvement of the current site, it will take some time. Through the continued support of our volunteers and members we can achieve our goals. To date the amount of time, effort and fundraising has been fantastic.

Our visitors in the first year of operation surpassed our hopes and dreams. We hope that everyone who has visited and donated realise that their contribution however big or small has helped us get to where we are today. Not to mention the team of volunteers. Also local businesses who have sponsored us, donated time, materials and expertise.

As we continue to expand the collection at Morayvia we will always be looking for new help and volunteers. Not to mention ideas and importantly, money. So if you can help either by raising money, or simply joining as a supporter member, please get in touch. You can contact us via our Contact Page or Facebook.

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